Flux Capacitor is as partnership project with a consortium board made up of:

Voluntary Action Rotherham

Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance (ROAR)

ROAR are an Arts Council funded National Portfolio Organisation. We are an infrastructure body, with an ever increasing membership of 224 artists and organisations, all of whom live and/or work in and around Rotherham. We are a volunteer led organisation with our Board of Directors representing different areas of the creative sector. 

Our Vision

Rotherham as a home to thriving artistic practitioners, spaces and activities; enhancing social well-being and personal growth. 

Our Mission

To develop and sustain innovative, challenging and insightful art practices in Rotherham and to place these within wider national and international creative networks.

Our Values and Ethos

ROAR recognises that creativity is fundamental to our ability to stimulate social change and so is committed to action which values creativity as an essential human right. 

  • ROAR is committed to its vision and to using all available resources to make the vision happen. 
  • We advocate that Art is a necessity, not a luxury, in community regeneration and life.   
  • We are not here to do the work for our members but to help them develop the skills they need to enhance their careers. 
  • We will seek and create opportunities for the arts to play a role in as many aspects of public life as possible. 
  • We demonstrate the value of the arts as a tool for regeneration, through health and wellbeing, partnership working, promoting Rotherhams’ cultural life, sharing good practice, being flexible and responsive to our members’ needs, horizon scanning for collaborative projects and funding and business investment.
Grimm & Co

Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust

Rotherham Council’s Culture Sport and Tourism Department